And my Very First Blog Entry Ever

10 years. 10 years of translating. 10 years of ups and downs. 10 years of sleepless nights and long days. 10 years in which I continuously improved myself, my knowledge, my fields of expertise, my computer skills and learnt…, learnt all the time. 10 years in which now it was summer, now it was winter. After all these years of hard work, I succeeded in learning new things, getting better and better at what I do, improving my knowledge and proficiency, my skills to use any software and CAT tools to maintain the terminology, accuracy and grammar at the highest standards. But no-one is ever perfect and we continue to learn and goodness, do I have a thirst for learning or what? We should never say we know enough, because technology evolves so fast we risk to be left behind and become anonymous.

Just like anything else in life, we all reach a point when we want or need some major change, so I also came to such a point, realising I needed more than the 4 walls that have been surrounding me for the last 10 years. I realised I needed to take the knowledge and experience I have gained over the last ten years and open the doors to the larger world, so more people, more clients would know what I have to offer; and get out from the comfort of my own little habitat; and show that what I have learnt all these years is useful at a larger scale.

This is how I decided to found TOP Traduceri. I was shy. I was frightened. I was anxious. I was thrilled. I was sometimes terrified. I was full of joy. I cried. I laughed. I was impatient. I guess everybody can understand this. It was a new beginning, a new path, so all kinds of emotions tickled my body. Would I succeed? There are plenty of translation agencies on the market. There are plenty of phrases like “good quality services” and “low prices” and so on. What should I do different?

So, I decided to make a website. To be different, I felt the need to mirror my own image in the image of my company. It had to be honest. It had to be warm. It had to tell facts. I was scared. Was this a professional approach? Was this what clients would want to read about? Is this the kind of company clients are looking for?

After receiving positive feedback, I said to myself “Well, on I go then!” And this is how TOP Traduceri was founded and this is how the website was shaped.

Dear client, I hope you enjoy browsing the website and what I hope even more is that it will convince you to use our translation services and even recommend us to others! Stay close for future blog posts.